The Kindness and Thoughtfulness of Re-Gifting.

Here at Basil & Sage we believe that
A giving hand stays open for blessings!

If for any reason you do not like, already have, or have no use for some of our featured products we encourage re-gifting.

We all know that one person that would totally love and appreciate that item that you didn't want. You may not have a beard so you can't use that beard oil but Brotha Kenneth has a beard and he helped you change your flat tire last week.  You don't like that vanilla candle in this month's box, but you know Sister Regina's house always be smelling like cookies and her birthday is coming up. Lastly you already got that Issa Rae book but you know your best friend wants to read yours when you done with it... Be a blessing to others! You don't need a reason to give thought to someone else and sometimes a "You've been on my Heart lately" gift could change someone's world. If Done Right re-gifting can be kind and thoughtful. If you re-gift our products please re-gift from the heart because there is nothing worse than a thoughtless gift! That's why at the bottom of each box is a custom gift bag and tissue paper to help share some of your joy and change someone's world!