About Us

Basil & Sage is a Gifting Retail company that specializes in themed gifts for men and women. All of the products that we carry are from Black Owned Businesses across the United States.  
The Birth of Basil & Sage:
I've worked retail for the past 10 years and noticed that almost no Black owned brands were carried in the stores I worked in, and I wanted to change that. I started Basil & Sage because I wanted to combine my love of My Culture and my love for gift giving into one.  I love picking out the perfect gift to give, with Basil and Sage, I can curate amazing gifts from exceptional Black owned Brands.
 The Name Basil & Sage:
Basil means "King like" or "Kingly" and Sage means "Wise". I put my own spin on the definitions for Basil & Sage, Basil is an honorable man who possesses the strength, humility, and royal status of a king. Sage is a wise woman that carries the knowledge, good judgement, and deep understanding of what it means to be a queen.
Why Basil & Sage?
Basil & Sage is proudly curated with Us in mind.
We offer a variety of gift options as well as themed subscription boxes for both men and women. 
We seek to give our customers exposer to new, up and coming Black owned brands that aren't as easily accessible as going to Walmart or Target to find items that have a cultural impact and social representation of who they are. Many places that we shop at have little to no representation of who we are, or a misconception of who we are. Basil & Sage provides a visual representation in the buying market for Black communities. We provide a platform for Our community to continue to flourish by showcasing products from Black owned brands.
I proudly curate every item with the goal to build a visual identity that commemorates and supports Black owned businesses and brands.  All our vendors and sourcing come from Black owned businesses and brands, doing this helps put money back into communities that suffer from social injustices and helps give exposer to brands that may not get the same leveled playing field that other brands may receive.
 Basil & Sage was Founded in 2020 By Nicole Dever.